and climate protection.


Responsibility for humanity and environment

Growth is in the interests of every business. Not at any price, though: the term sustainability refers to a development that fulfils today’s needs while also taking into account the needs of generations to come – in other parts of the world as well. At neubourg skin care we are convinced that every single person deserves a healthy and productive life, and this should not be a luxury enjoyed by a privileged few.

Climate-friendly shipping

We are participating in the environmental protection programme GoGreen by Deutsche Post DHL Group, which aims to increase its CO² efficiency by 30 percent compared to the 2007 value by the year 2020. We send our letters and parcels with a minimum impact on the climate: for instance, greenhouse gases caused by shipping are measured, reduced and even compensated by investment in verified climate protection projects around the world.

We are also participating in the DHL sustainability project with climate-neutral shipping. The company plans to improve its CO² efficiency by 50 percent before 2025, and it even intends to reduce all logistics-related emissions to zero by 2050.

Environmentally sound logistics

In addition, we have obtained the certificates from our haulage company to prove that their fleet and business are environmentally friendly and fulfil certain standards for the environmental compatibility of chemical products. This is confirmed by the following certificates: 

  • The SQAS certificate (safety and quality evaluation system) evaluates the quality, safety and environmental compatibility of logistics suppliers. 
  • The ISO 14001 certificate specifies requirements for an environmental management system that are recognized around the world. The requirements include life cycle assessments and environmental performance evaluations. 
  • The ISO 9001 certificate is a globally recognized standard that defines the specifications for effective quality management at a company.