Not all creams
are the same.

Advantages of the unique galenical

Foam cream makes the difference

Foam cream is our area of expertise – since back in 1998. The market is full of creams for skin and foot care, but almost all of them have one crucial disadvantage: they leave a greasy film on the skin. Many people find this unpleasant, and the cream almost inevitably leaves greasy marks on clothing. Applying this kind of cream to the soles of your feet also increases the risk of slipping. 

In contrast, our breathable foam creams are absorbed by the skin very rapidly. They are not just far more gentle to apply, but their coverage is also much higher than comparable emulsions and creams. As a result, they offer protection, nourishing skin care and outstanding ease of use – without harming the skin’s natural functions.

Rapidly absorbed – no greasy film!

Our foam creams are all based on our BarrioExpert Technology: a propellant is added to a rich oil-in-water emulsion. When the emulsion is pushed out of the dispenser, the propellant evaporates abruptly. This transforms the original water-rich emulsion into a lipid-rich foam cream that is absorbed particularly quickly by the skin and provides the skin with intense care. A pleasant, breathable protective mesh spreads out over the skin, which shields it without coating it in a greasy film: the natural skin functions are preserved.

High coverage

The huge increase in the surface area as the foam cream is created enables a large amount of skin to be covered with a comparably small amount of the original emulsion. This makes the foam cream last much longer than comparable emulsions. See for yourself!