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Allpresan product range

Breathable foam creams allow the feet to breathe easily

Allpresan has become part of the standard repertoire on the foot care market since 1998. This reputation is due to its foam creams that are produced on the basis of BarrioExpert Technology. They form a breathable protective mesh on the skin, based on the concept behind modern textiles, i.e. the physiological skin functions are not harmed. Another advantage of the foam cream texture is the rapid absorption of the foam creams by the skin, without leaving an unpleasant greasy film. The result is rich skin care with incomparable ease of use and spreading properties.

Ease and safety of use play a major role particularly for diabetics. The certified medical devices by Allpresan diabetic offer medical foot care specifically for the needs of very dry diabetic skin. Allpresan Podoexpert is the exclusive line used by foot care practitioners and podiatrists which offers our powerful LIPO2 Skin Repair Technology in addition to the proven galenical and can repair the damaged lipid matrix of dry and stressed skin. The Allpresan pedicare Foam Creams offer systematic solutions to almost any foot problem: sensitive to very dry skin and nails, and also problem areas such as calluses, cracked skin, sweaty feet and fungal infections.