Good skin care – with a
clear conscience.

Our commitment to quality

You can rely on Allpresan

Our ambition is to achieve healthy and well-cared for skin. We take our own route towards reaching this goal, even though it might prove more difficult or involve higher costs at times. We believe that it is worth the effort to ensure the welfare of our fellow human beings, animals and the environment. The information below explains the principles followed by us during production, and also clarifies the meaning behind the individual symbols on the bottles.

Natural or vegan – what’s the difference?

With the variety of labels adorning product packaging, consumers need to take a close look at what they are buying. “Vegan” means that a product does not contain any ingredients of animal origin, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that animal experiments were not used at some point. “Natural cosmetics” are just as unlikely to guarantee this, and animal components are also of natural origin. And so it is important to know that Allpresan products do not contain any animal components and they are not tested on animals either. They are 100% vegan! 

Cruelty-free throughout

The German Animal Welfare Act has prohibited animal testing during development of cosmetic products since 1998. In addition, the sale of cosmetic products that have been tested on animals has been banned in the EU since 11 March 2013. Non-EU countries still make exceptions for individual ingredients, though. 
The continuous monitoring of all available ingredients is regulated by law. The ingredients are evaluated according to current scientific findings in order to guarantee the greatest possible safety for the user. Our tolerance studies are conducted using volunteer participants in real-life conditions, allowing you to feel entirely comfortable in your own skin.

Confirmed safety

Skin care products that are sold in Germany are only allowed to contain ingredients that have been verified. But we go a step further: Every Allpresan product that is labelled “Dermatologically tested” has been put to the test in a thorough observational study. The product is usually applied to the lower arm of the test participants and covered up for three days, after which a dermatologist checks the area for skin irritation. This allows us to be absolutely sure that Allpresan products are well tolerated even by sensitive skin.

Made in Germany

Our products are developed and manufactured in Germany. This not only secures jobs, but also reduces the amount of pollutants emitted during transport. It also means that you always have a point of contact nearby if you ever happen to be less than 100% satisfied with a product. After all, “Made in Germany” remains an expression of quality that we aspire to fulfil every day with fresh commitment.