For sensitive skin
and skin sensations.

Allpresan diabetic

Medical devices with innovative active formula

Diabetics suffer from dry skin on their feet very frequently. The skin lacks lipids and moisture. As the skin barrier is damaged, this leads to a further loss of moisture.

Our Allpresan diabetic Foam Creams are the right solution here. As certified medical devices, they are ideally suited to the needs of dry diabetic skin. Allpresan diabetic Foam Cream INTENSIVE is also the first product for diabetics whose suitability for use between the toes without increasing the risk of bacterial infection has been proven in a study.

The Lipid Foam Creams REPAIR and REPAIR SENSITIVE were recently added to the Allpresan diabetic range: the patented BarrioExpert LIPO2 Skin Repair Technology enables them to repair the damaged skin barrier and encourage the skin’s natural regeneration. They also provide dry skin with an intense supply of lipids and moisture. Besides being suitable for sensitive skin by dispensing with additives, Allpresan diabetic Lipid Foam Cream REPAIR SENSITIVE is also urea-free and therefore particularly well tolerated.