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Allpresan diabetic

Providing care and repair for diabetic skin

The latest studies confirm: The dry skin of people who suffer from diabetes not only lacks lipids and moisture, its barrier function is also impaired. This makes it easier for harmful pathogens to enter the body – and it also drastically increases the risk of fissures and infections on the feet. For this reason, we have developed the new Allpresan diabetic foam creams to repair the skin as well!

Allpresan diabetic Foam Cream INTENSIVE + REPAIR with and without urea, and also MYCO + REPAIR especially for protection against foot fungus both contain biomimetic lipids: In the same way as the skin’s own lipids, these biomimetic lipids fit precisely into the gaps in the damaged skin barrier and repair them within only a short time.* Additionally, moisturizing factors restore the balance in the skin’s water content and makes it more resistant to strain. The special foam cream galenical enables the products to be spread easily and gently on the skin; they are rapidly absorbed without leaving any unpleasant greasiness. 

The range also includes the medical devices Allpresan diabetic Foam Cream BASIC and INTENSIVE. The latter is the first product for diabetics whose suitability for use between the toes without increasing the risk of bacterial infection has been proven in a study.

In a combination of user comfort and medical care, the Allpresan diabetic foam creams with their BarrioExpert LIPO² Skin Repair Technology and biomimetic lipids offer a valuable contribution to the prevention of typical foot problems for people with diabetes.

*Source: Dähnhardt D, Dähnhardt-Pfeiffer S, Schulte-Walter J, Neubourg T, Hanisch E, Schmetz C, Breuer M, Fölster-Holst R. The influence of two different foam creams on skin barrier repair of foot xerosis. A prospective, double blind, randomized, placebo controlled intra-individual study. Skin Pharm Physiol 2016;29(5):266-272