Allpresan Derma med product range

From sensitive skin through to the care of atopic dermatitis and psoriasis in conjunction with therapy 

Allpresan Derma med Foam Creams are tailored specifically to the needs of various skin conditions. The aim is always to provide a long-lasting solution to skin problems, to enable each and every one of us to feel good in our skin from head to toe. 

The Allpresan Derma med operating principle

The patented formula used by Allpresan imitates the skin’s lamellar structure. Skin-related lipids in our technology work with the skin cells surrounding the lipids to form a protective barrier that counteracts the loss of moisture from the skin and prevents allergens from entering the body. This supports the natural functions of the skin. In addition, clinical studies based on pharmaceutical standards were able to show that the skin barrier is able to regenerate completely within four weeks during use of Allpresan Foam Creams. With their special form of administration, our foam creams can be spread on the skin especially gently and easily. They have particularly high coverage and are therefore great value for money.