Vegan products

Good care – Clear conscience

We aim for beautiful and healthy feet. But let’s be honest – who is able to feel comfortable when others have to suffer for it? We certainly can’t. We feel very strongly about the awareness and respect for the life of our fellow creatures on Earth! Which is why Allpresan products contain no animal ingredients.

Natural or vegan – what is the difference?

With the variety of labels adorning product packaging, it’s no wonder consumers get confused. Especially as common sense can give us a completely different idea of what a term means compared with the original intention of lawmakers: when manufacturers use the term “vegan” in their advertising, this does not necessarily mean that no animal experiments were used in the production process. And there are any number of interpretations for the term “natural cosmetics”: the guidelines for each quality seal are important in this case. However, animal ingredients are generally of natural origin as well, meaning that natural cosmetics are not automatically vegan.

Not tested on animals – what is Allpresan’s position?

Since 11 July 2013 it has been forbidden throughout the EU to perform animal experiments with finished cosmetics products for the required proof of safety. Nevertheless, cosmetics that are entirely free of animal experiments are not as common as consumers might think: for instance, individual ingredients can be tested on animals outside the EU. According to article 18, section 2, paragraph 7 of the Regulation on cosmetics products, ingredients “in wide use” that “cannot be replaced” are still excepted from this ban.

We at Allpresan refuse to take advantage of such loopholes. All our products are “Made in Germany” and we also conduct our studies for the proof of tolerance in real-life conditions using volunteer test subjects. Use of ingredients that must be tested using animal experiments are categorically avoided in all Allpresan products. You can be certain that no animal had to suffer during production of our products – and so you can feel 100% comfortable in your own skin.